Nonwoven PP/SMS Disposable Waterproof Bed Sheet For Hospital

Disposable Nonwoven Bed Sheet  Specification: Product Name Disposable Hospital Nonwoven Bed Sheet MaterialSBPP,PP+PE;Size 140*240cm;or as your request Grammage16gsm;20gsm;25gsmStyle PlainFeatureDisposable, soft, durable, economical, highly absorbent, mothproof, waterproof,anti-Static, anti-bact

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Disposable Nonwoven Bed Sheet


Non Woven PP/SMS Disposable Waterproof Bed Sheet for Hospital


Product Name Disposable Hospital Nonwoven Bed Sheet 
Size 140*240cm;or as your request 
Style Plain
FeatureDisposable, soft, durable, economical, highly absorbent, mothproof, waterproof,anti-Static, anti-bacteria etc.
Application fields
Hospital and medical range,spa,salon, beauty,hotel and outdoor



Product Descripton: 

Durable and effective in protecting people who living in the hotel,outdoor,or hospital. Soft and sanitary. One size fits most standard size bed. Avoid unnecessary laundry with disposable sheets that are well suited for your using. They are made of a very soft nonwoven fabric. These bed sheets will certainly meet your needs.



  1.It is a good barrier to blood, body fluids and pathogens, Latex-free, abrasion-resistant, low lint, with a high level of fluid repellency. best selling.                          
2. Disposable, Economic, Comfortable, Hygienic. best selling products disposabl            
3. It is widely used in hospital for emergency surgical bed,  also in beauty and sauna.

 4. Prevent the cross infection in medical treatment at sanitation field. Economical and disposable.  Accord with the hygienic standard. lling products disposable hospital        
5.Sanitary, disposable, convenient, and environmental, soft, fire resistant non-woven material, providing comfortable, hygienic and cost effective bedding. ling produ

 6.  It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

 7. Ideal for use in all areas where short stays of frequent bedding changes are required or where laundering is a problem.



Detailed Applications: 

1. Widely used in clinic, hospital, restaurant, food processing, beauty salon, electronic industry, etc.
2. Cleaning, medicine check, food processing, health care, housework, home cleaning, beauty salons, camping barbecue etc.
3. Popular by global customers with its distinct properties, which can be dust-proof, oil-proof, dirt-proof, protect skins, and mainly used in food and medical industries.
4. Designed for hygiene, Cleaning, and protection purpose, each roll is shrink wrapped, and available in 1 ply and 2 ply in varied dimensions

Non Woven PP/SMS Disposable Waterproof Bed Sheet for Hospital
Non Woven PP/SMS Disposable Waterproof Bed Sheet for Hospital

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