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Published: 08:51 EST, 24 June 2022 | Updated: 10:26 EST, 24 June 2022

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Dog owners, would you like to save money, reduce odors in your home and protect the environment?

Pet lovers across America have discovered that a fast way to do all three is to offer dogs a comfortable, odor-less patch of real grass to do their business in the form of the DoggieLawn.

The DoggieLawn potty pads are patches of real grass on top of a non-slip reusable tray that's free with your first order, offering a premium potty experience for pets as the grass feels soft on their paws. There's currently 20 percent off your first shipment of an XL pad ahead of July 4 with the code FIREWORKS.

DoggieLawn is a real grass potty solution for dogs. 

Perfect for any dog that doesn't have their own backyard to do their business, it offers a non-smelly and comfortable potty experience.

 It's especially helpful for puppies that can't go outside yet because of vaccinations or need to go to the bathroom often because of their tiny bladders. 

The DoggieLawn fits on balconies and offers pets a convenient, comfortable bathroom experience that won't leave smells on the condo floor.

Each patch of real grass lasts up to two weeks and then a subscription service is on hand to make sure you receive a fresh patch. There's no weekly washing of artificial grass, emptying out a urine catch pan daily nor smells that lingers around artificial grass or potty pads.

DoggieLawn is fast becoming a must-have item for those training puppies and those living in an apartment without easy access to a lawn.

They fit easily onto a balcony or even inside an apartment as a long-lasting potty option that's environmentally friendly without the odors and inconvenience of pee pads, artificial turf, and other dog potty products.

Owners report that its simple to train dogs to use the lawn as it feels super comfortable and natural to pee on grass

The XL Doggie Lawn is ideal for bigger dogs and some of them find it so comfortable that they sit on them when not peeing

 The eco-friendly benefit of a DoggieLawn is significant as regular disposable pee pads take up to 500 years to degrade in landfill. At eight  weeks old, a puppy will pee every two to three hours around the clock, so if you’re living in an apartment or home without easy access to grass, you’ll be sending over 80 non-degradable puppy pads to landfill in just one week.

Owner reviews on the DoggieLawn website are almost unanimously positive with owners gushing about how their dogs have found them useful. 

'DoggieLawn is the perfect product for my two doxies year-round,' wrote one five star reviewer. 'When the apartment landscaping staff fertilizes the grass, I safely limit my girls to their Doggielawn on the patio. When it rains, my youngest, Lydia, prefers dry Doggielawn. When we travel in the RV, we take it with us!'

Another added: 'We live in a small, NYC apartment and our dog used his rooftop grass pad religiously. The grass is usually of pretty good quality, and holds up well until our next shipment arrives.'

You can see more photos of cute dog customers on the DoggieLawn website and don't forget to use the code FIREWORKS  to get a discount. 

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